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Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
I focus on the boundary zones between different media, searching for different types of information in both artistic and curatorial practice, which I devote equal time and attention.


Dance in dynamic statics
Sculpture is a logical continuation of the dance, the opportunity to give it existence in another time and dimension. In my concept of working with a static form, the kinetic component is important, giving a feeling of variability and relation to the current moment


Dance on the plane: video, movie, documentation
The video reveals the possibilities of dance that are not available in live performance or sculpture. Projection onto a plane or several planes, focus on details, compositional moves and features of drama fundamentally distinguish video from action on stage. Although very often it complements perfectly.


series of multimedia dance performances
One of formulas that I work with today is the formula, which serve as the base of a series of works <at> BODY <dot> MOVE.
Briefly it can be described as follows:
<Unit of information-impulse-movement-unit Information>
Dance can be described as a series of shapes from the visible side and the information of energy flow from the back, invisible, side. Human body in the flow of information takes one form after another following the impulse, initiating the movement. It creates dance. A large part of daily information that we get from the news feeds practically does not affect us and flows as background. Placing the body as an instrument in this thread, we transform the information into a new shape, depriving the former meaning and giving a new round of development. This new form, in turn, is an inspiring impulse for a new round - musical, visual, and so on.

The transformation and transition from one medium to another, consistent analysis and structuring of daily information are interesting for me in this works. Transferred into a dance, information appears in a new format - the format of physical energy, transmitting information at a different level of perception.

Theatre performances and actions

A theatre performance is an action on many levels, a whole complex of ideas united by one main line. This is its fundamental difference from a performance (action) - a conceptual staging, where a single line is viewed from different angles and does not need to be intertwined with others.

Performances, actions, video 2004-2008
This video is compiled from excerpts from several choreographic and video works, actions from 2004 to 2008. "Philosophy of Walls", "Phases of the Moon", "Mask for body", "Cage for air", "Bacchanalia in the Garden of Stones", "21st Floor". The video is mirrored in such a way that the excerpts united as a single whole, combining a period of work of several years. Concept, choreography, video - Konstantin Grouss
Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.

Konstantin Grouss
Artist / Curator / Сhoreographer / Producer
Artistic director of 'International cultire project "Art-Residence"
Artistic director of ZERO Dance Gallery
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Founder of International сulture project "Art-Residence" and «ZERO Dance Gallery»
Sphere of interest is in choreography, contemporary theatre, and integration of choreography, sculpture and video. Curatorial practice over the past years is also devoted to the study of transition from one medium into another, searching for common codes of different artistic positions.
I focus on the boundary zones between different media, searching for different types of information in both artistic and curatorial practice, which I devote equal time and attention.

Graduated from Dance and Art school and the Technical University. Studied at the "Class of expressive dance" by Gennady Abramov, Moscow. Fellow of danceWeb program, 2004, Vienna. Grant for ICR /International Choreographers In Residence/ program of ADF /American Dance Festival/, USA, 2007. Grant for SPACE Programme in contemporary art (Dublin, Ireland), 2008. Grant for Residency at OMI International Dance Collective, NY, USA, 2011. Worked with different choreographers and theatre directors: Shusaku Takeuchi (Netherlands), Yury Urnov, Valery Fokin, Tatyana Grindenko, Kirill Serebryannikov (Russia), Theodor Tezhik (Russia-Czech), Efva Lilja (Sweden), Maida Withers (USA).
Since 2009 start active work in contemporary art and became an idea creator and curator of several contemporary art festivals and exhibitions. For several years run contemporary art centre in Moscow.

"In my artistic work I try to find different paths of collaboration with dancers, musicians, artists during the time of producing a common idea and material for a new work.
I understand the creative team as sum of individuals, but strongly related to some common energy. To find this important connection everybody has to be open and very attentive at the same time. If it became possible, every moment of common experience opens new unexpected ways of living and creation.
For me it is important to be able to work in a relaxed atmosphere leading to concentration and inspiration provided by the place of work. In my opinion, the image that can be applied to artists who move from one place to another is a bee collecting pollen and nectar of information and carrying it to another place, both pollinating new processes and transforming the nectar in honey of the new art"

Curator, producer:
"Art-Ovrag" contemporary culture festival

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I express my deep gratitude and gratitude to all performers, artists, composers, musicians, designers, photographers, with whom I have ever worked together on the same stage, in one project or who gave inspiration to go further on the path of discovery and knowledge.
I thank all the producers, managers, technicians, who, through their labor and participation, helped the projects to be realized, regardless of the complexity of the tasks they face.
I thank everyone who carefully analyzed the projects they saw, wrote about them or in any other way covered our projects in the media, social networks and just in conversations.
I thank my friends and my audience for their attention and support, for their understanding and criticism. In this process, it is possible to find, discover and share what can serve as inspiration.
I thank everyone who supported us with financial and other material resources, without which no project could see the light and reach its audience.
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