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Support is always needed! And now, right now :)
You think that you are ready to sacrifice your time, money, talent, strength - contact or help anonymously.
Gratitude from the universe is guaranteed to you!
From me personally, is will be an unforgettable gratitude!
I will use help to work on new creative projects, which in turn will be shared with all people, as inspiration and the opening of new opportunities.

It is important! ...▷
To spread the joy of dance all around the planet!


There is your choice

I am very pleased with the mutually beneficial cooperation. I am always ready to respond if you have a proposal for organizing my performances, lectures, trainings and retreats.

You can support by making a donation. I will use your help as rationally as possible.
For this I leave below the address

Thank you even for the intention and desire to do this!
And a thousand times more for the help actually provided!

Cripto wallet
Any, even the most modest help, will serve as an opportunity to work for art and for society
Any amount invested in art is a contribution to the evolution, so it will return to you in the form of new opportunity

Determine the amount of support that is acceptable to you and use the address below.
You can write to me to confirm I have got it at konstantin.grouss(dog)gmail(dot)com
or on any of the social networks :)
Thank you!

Cripto wallet
USDT bep 20
Get in touch!
Do you have any other proposal? Leave your contacts and I will write you, or drop me a message in Facebook
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  • Mail - konstantin.grouss(at)gmail(dot)com
MayBank Indonesia and Indian Overseas Bank
In case of intenational transfer of transfer inside India and Indonesia!
Konstantin Grouss
Account 8768022934
Tel. +62361976595

Indian Overseas bank
Acc N - 011501000030233
IFSC - IOBA0000115
Branch code - 0115
MMID - 9020433
swift code

Branch address
Office complex, Ring road,
Defence colony, NCT OF DELHI, 11

Thank you!

Get in touch
Leave your name and e-mail and I will be able to sent you my gratitude for support and provide you with news and information about upcoming works.
It's important! We guarantee confidence of your personal information.

Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
Thank you!
For supporting art

I express my deep gratitude and gratitude to all performers, artists, composers, musicians, designers, photographers, with whom I have ever worked together on the same stage, in one project or who gave inspiration to go further on the path of discovery and knowledge.
I thank all the producers, managers, technicians, who, through their labor and participation, helped the projects to be realized, regardless of the complexity of the tasks they face.
I thank everyone who carefully analyzed the projects they saw, wrote about them or in any other way covered our projects in the media, social networks and just in conversations.
I thank my friends and my audience for their attention and support, for their understanding and criticism. In this process, it is possible to find, discover and share what can serve as inspiration.
I thank everyone who supported us with financial and other material resources, without which no project could see the light and reach its audience.
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