Poem at war / Dandelion time

«... they don't want you to be found, your body calls me to become sand »
(Juan Diaz Infante "Poem at war ») ...▷
Your eyes can't think of closing in this times of war

A poem at war / Dandelion time

Video, music, poetry, dance
duration 4'33"
May 2020

Dance, Visual concept, Video
Konstantin Grouss /Russia/

Juan Jose Diaz Infante /Mexico/

Original Music & Sound Design
Venus Rey Jr /Mexico/

Alfonso Lugo /Mexico/

Vitaly Altabaev /Russia/

Filmed at Guslitsa creative castle

Premier was on 11 of June 2020 at 16:33 (CST, Мехико), +8 hours - 00.15 (Moscow time).
Virtual presentation by authors.

The poem at war is an interdisciplinary work of art created by artists from Russia and Mexico, provides a metaphorical point of view on the strange times of the pandemic, which violated the existing reality of civilization.

The poem, written by Juan Jose Diaz Infante, consists of lines that seem to be blown up by a bomb, from which only bits of words and some intelligible fragments remain, allowing us to guess that there were some lovers who became sands now.

Venus Ray Jr. created music that dissolves in both bodies, and bodies themselves dissolve in the atmosphere.

Sound work - the sprayed breaths of lovers - required to prove itself in the body. Konstantin Grouss felt the energy of these mutilated words, these bombarded atmospheres. He managed to see them in a dream, create a visual concept and fill it with dance energy.
A moving image is an unexpected result of a geometry invasion. The viewer is transferred to the paradox of nature under the sky of hope: nature gives life, but at the same time threatens. Dandelion, flower and sculpture; micro and macro levels. Choreography of plants, wind, birds.

The high sculpture of Vitaliy Altabaev makes you feel the real situation of man in nature.
Dance, cinematic language combines everything - poetry, sound, movement - into a new experience; the sensation of being born again when the shadow of the pandemic spread throughout the world.

A poem at war / Dandelion time

Poem at war - Dandelion time

Artist expression - Konstantin Grouss
Poem at war - Dandelion time

Artist expression - Juan Jose Diaz Infante
Poem at war - Dandelion time

Konstantin Grouss / Juan Jose Diaz Infante / Venus Rey Jr / Alfonso Lugo / Vitaly Altabaev
Константин Гроусс Хуан Хосе Диаз Инфанте Венус Рей Альфонсо Луго Виталий Алтабаев
A poem at war / Dandelion time
Quarantine time
May 2020

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