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Video "Warm memories of the Winter" /excerpt of the program/

Our collaborative project with Anna Toncheva "Warm Memories of the Winter". It is a piece on music by Cesare Negri, a 16th century composer and choreographer. In line to the stage program, we give the BODYDRIVERS training together, which I developed on my professional practice of discovering the potential of the body and free its movement. In a training session with Anna, we touch the theme of dance in its retrospective and organically link it with contemporary technique of movement. It turns out to be an interesting composition. The video for this video was shot by different operators at different times. Thanks to Sasha Fedorov @ bad.planet for filming my class and Lera Sabirova @ my.poetic.body for organising it. Thanks to Lena Scheglova @lenashcheglova and Kirill Didenko @paralaxoff for filming on stage and in the hall. Thanks to the lovely @ lein.ester for my own dance costume! And of course, I thank the beloved space of the Guslitsa Creative Castle @guslitsa, where we performed and filmed everything! #konstantingrouss #love #dance #contemporarydance #renessaincemusic #winter #guslitsa

Music - Cesare Negri
Lute: Anna Toncheva
Dance / Choreography - Konstantin Grouss
Dance Costumes - Ester Lein
Operators - Elena Shcheglova, Alexander Fedorov, Kirill Didenko
Editing - Konstantin Grouss
Used fragments of the BODYDRIVERS class

Filmed in the Creative Castle "GUSLITSA"
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