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New video! Simeon ten Holt, Capriccio for violin solo

In this video, we present Capriccio by Simeon ten Holt for you. In the original, it was written for solo violin. Simeon ten Holt (1923-2012), one of the prominent representatives of minimalism, wrote Capriccio (Caprice, genre of virtuoso work) for violin solo, the complexity of a kind of Caprice Paganini of the XX century. Despite the apparent lightness and transparency of the musical texture, the performance of this work requires a lot of endurance from the artist. Isolation influenced our lifestyle. The recording took place, thanks to the participation of 12 OpenSound Orchestra violinists located in different places, under the usual conditions of their own apartments and houses. Musicians perform a solo work as a whole team, like a sprint relay. It is exciting! The dance was recorded by Konstantin Grouss, the author and performer of the original choreography for this video, and the head of the orchestra, Stanislav Malyshev, at the Guslitsa Creative Castle.
Enjoy it!

Music Simeon ten Holt “Capriccio for violin solo”
Choreography, dance Konstantin Grouss
Violin "OpenSound Orchestra" - Stanislav Malyshev / Maria Tantsova / Eugene Pravilov / Darya Kuchyonova / Ivan Subbotkin / Mikhail Feyman / Ekaterina Tsaryova / Inna Zilberman / Alexandr Malomozhnov / Alyona Zinovyeva / Valerya Sidorenko / Irina Chepizhnaya

Filmed during quarantine time, May 2020
Camera, dance - Ilya Trushevskiy, Vita Adlerberg

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