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"Dive Within". Video, dance. 4'43"

This video is an example of a perfect collaboration with two other artists. It is a great inspiration for me to meet Mikhail Talanov, the composer of this magic music, and Dmitrii Talanov, director of photography, who filmed and composed the video. They are highly talented professionals fantastic to work with.

"In the "Dive Within," we delve into the abyss of our sensations, discovering our own fire that we often seek in the external world. It is a reminder that our true power and passion can be unearthed by diving deep into our own being, transcending the need for external validation or approval from others. "Dive Within" invites us to embrace our inner fire and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where we rediscover the radiant essence that has always been present, waiting to be found, concealed within ourselves"

DOP - Dmitrii Talanov
Choreography & Dance - Konstantin Grouss
Costume - Ester Lein
Drone operator - Anna Stavenski
Composer, Director, Producer - Mikhail Talanov

Bali, Batur, Kintamani, Black Lava | 2023

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